the end of the day

this is an apology for all the things i said
but mostly for all the things i didn’t say

my feet tell me i’m impulsive
so i try my best to not be
i keep my voice in my head
so no surprises slip out
and maybe that’s why you hate me

i can’t seem to let myself show my feelings
in case they are not reciprocated

so i lay here not saying goodbye,
not saying anything at all


Pg. 13, Pg.27, Pg. 56

Pg. 13

Pg. 27

Pg. 56 (grand theft poetry)

coexisting with the seeds of our own undoing/ a window into myself/ tomorrow we will be dropped off at the airport/ will you take a taxi home?/ only when kindness fails do we not have homes/ dont believe in those gods and myths/ they remind us of all that we dont know/ which is nearly everything/ and i cant see very far from down here


friends as colors

should i be concerned about how easily i unattached myself from people but how attached i get to their parallel memories?

when i look at ____ i see plush pink cheeks and a white glow, ____ is a somber blue that shouldn’t be bypassed, the red glow the sun leaves on the top of the mountain is ____, the sun shining on my yellow walls is ______, when the rain stops and the vibrant greens are glowing is ____, _____ is a mellow yellow flower against the blue sky.

my memories have been marbled with these colors, these colors are speckled on my walls, in my writing, and in everything i do. they make my dull days brighter! and my yellow days more vibrant.

it’ll hurt to see them go, the fear of forgetting their colors may haunt me, but i know they’ll leave behind an iridescence and give color to others lives just as they did mine



i’ve never been very good at endings – good at writing them, or reading them

the books on my shelf are full of mystery endings with bookmarks stuck right in the middle of pages

because there are always more questions in my mind once i read the last word on the last page.

im not really sure what im trying to say here,

i’ll just leave it up to your own interpretation

-melissa burr-


unprecedented company

it seems as if
all of us hold our breath till we turn 18
living for the sun but never feeling the warmth
with the knowledge that nothing lasts forever
temporary moments consume our thoughts
made in the moment of tonight and only tonight
because it is the only time we have until tomorrow


a conscious feeling

because the only thing worse than you telling it to me, is that i already know.

you used to come around more often

you used to always be there

like that shirt hanging up in my closet that i never wear but i keep regardless

like how your name is no longer in my contacts but when your number pops up i know its you

it was inevitable and we both know it.

i didnt cut my hair to prove something to you,

i wanted to prove to myself that i am in control of my own life



I open my heart 
not with carelessness 
but with humility  
so you can read 
the foreign language 
that is trapped inside my chest 
that I cannot comprehend myself
so that you can tell me 
what I truly feel 
because this foreign language 
is becoming too difficult 
to carry


participation points

“Just say something, its so easy.”

but my mouth always seems to say the wrong words
i can feel my heart pounding in the back of my throat
and why would i want to say my opinion when you’ll forget it in five minutes

you stand up there with empty words
generic statements
blank stares looking towards you
how do you do it?


you’ll never hear it from their words
you’ll never actually hear it